Weekly Greeting: July 10

Good evening parish,
Joseph Parker once reflected on God’s signature: “Everywhere I find the signature, the autograph of God, and God will never deny his own handwriting. God hath set his tabernacle in the dewdrop as surely as the sun. No one can any more create the smallest flower than the greatest world.”
Even a seed, small as it may be, carries within a bundle of promise, miracle and life. God’s Word is a seed, planted in Christ, planted in scripture, planted now in us. What will we grow into? This Sunday, let us look at the Parable of the Sower through a different lens, welcoming the planting God is doing in our own hearts and lives! The facebook livestream service will begin at 10 am and then be posted to our website as well, www.auburnmethodist.org. I hope you will join us!
Mary MacMahon is continuing with summer online church school. If you would like a zoom invitation to participate, let me know and I will give your contact info to Mary.  Coffee Fellowship Chat by zoom will be at 2 pm for those who wish to participate (zoom invitation on previously sent link). Next Sunday, we will be offering a Drive-in worship option in addition to the livestream. Attached with this email are the Worship Guide for Sunday’s service and the message from last Sunday.
God’s grace be with you!
Pastor Steve Bascom