Weekly Greeting: April 8

Good morning parish,

Lloyd C. Taylor, Sr., 2015, offers this (adapted) poem: “They shouted with praises reaching the sky, pushing and shoving as Jesus passed by; crying, ‘Hosanna, hosanna, glory to the King! He comes today–great joy he doth bring.’ They threw down palm leaves, covering the way, clearing the way for entrance that day; raising voices aloud, as prayer filled the air, the day had come, God answered their prayer.
But, in a short time they changed their chant, from joyful noise to hate-filled rant. From ‘Hosanna, hosanna,’ as when praised, to ‘crucify, crucify,’ as anger blazed! In disbelief, we might ask why they turned? But maybe the question is, “What have we learned?”
This Sunday, as we revisit the Palm Sunday entrance to Jerusalem, we will learn together–watching as Jesus becomes the Lamb of God to remove the sins of the world, a wounded healer on a Friday called ‘good.’

Holy Week worship includes:  

  • Palm/Passion Sunday, April 10th, 8:30 am (in person/zoom) & 10 am (in person/livestream)
  • Maundy Thursday, April 14th, 7 pm (in person at UMC of Auburn and livestream)
  • Good Friday, April 15th, 12 n (in person and livestream)
  • Good Friday, April 15th, 6 pm at High Street Congregational Church (106 Pleasant St., Auburn) (in person and zoom)
  • Easter SonRise, April 17th, 6 am, Keene Residence (775 N. River Road, Auburn)
  • Easter Worship, April 17th, 8:30 am (in person/zoom) & 10 am (in person/livestream)
  • Easter Breakfast at UMCA, 9 am, $5 suggested donation (sponsored by Youth Group)

I have attached our Worship Guide and a Missions Update to the weekly greeting email.

God’s joy be with you!