Weekly Greeting: September 16, 2023 – Forgiveness, Conference Updates, and a New Bible Study

Good afternoon parish,
Greetings! Last Sunday, Pastor Emeritus Russ Peppe delivered an outstanding message which can be accessed from our website, www.auburnmethodist.org. The music was also outstanding! Tomorrow, we will focus on Jesus’ parable on forgiveness in Matthew 18:21-35. Strategies of forgiveness free us from carrying burdens which prevent us from living our best life. What a joy it is to release with God’s help all the things which keep us awake at night!
I cannot THANK all of you (and there was an army of ‘all of you’) enough for your hard-working help in painting the outside of the church building this past week. What an amazing job! Bless you! There are some related projects to be finished, but the fellowship was precious, the progress impressive, and the cooperative effort unforgettable.
There are two church conferences scheduled for members of Calvary UMC: the first will consist of voting on the sale of the Calvary parsonage (9/23, 2:30 pm, Calvary UMC), the second will consist of voting on the sale of the Calvary church building (9/30, 2 pm, Calvary UMC). All members have vote, by ballot. A zoom option will be provided, but I believe you must be ‘in person’ to vote. Approval has been given by the Bishop and Cabinet to sell both properties if the votes are in the affirmative.
The fall church conference (UMCA and Calvary UMC) will be a cluster conference with Minot UMC and Bolsters Mills at Minot UMC on Thursday, November 16th, 6-8 pm. The conference is open to all, and all members of each church have the privilege of voting. DS Arlene Tully will officiate, with assistance from area pastors (when each church separates for business items).
I invite you to join me for a Bible Study on Matthew beginning this Friday night (9/22 at 6:30 pm). It is a great opportunity to grow in faith together.
God’s joy be with you,
Pastor Steve Bascom, UMCA/Calvary UMC