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The Program Committees of the Church:

Christian Education Team (Faith Formation)

Chaired by: Kay Little
Assists the Director of Christian Education in providing programs and leaders for a variety of ages and learning styles.

Missions Team (Missions, Advocacy)

Chaired by: Marcia Akers
Develops mission programs, special Lenten projects, and encourages congregational participation and support for these programs.

Music Team (Instruments, Choirs, Bells)

Chaired by: Scott Kenison & George Matthews
Coordinates and assesses the musical programs of the church, schedules special concerts, musical performances, and soloists as needed.

Nurture Team (Congregational Care)

Chaired by: Janet Irish
Provides programs and events to encourage the development of fellowship and friendship among current church members and to welcome newcomers.

Outreach & Witness Team (Hospitality, Witness)

Chaired by: Donna Manson
Welcomes visitors and newcomers, provides opportunities for “getting to know you” activities, and publicizes church events to the community.

Worship Team (Prayer, Worship, Spiritual Disciplines)

Chaired by: Wanda Sprague
Assists in planning special worship services and seasonal programs.  Recruits greeters, ushers, liturgists, acolytes, sound system technicians and communion stewards.

The Administrative Committees of the Church:

The Church Council

Chaired by: Kim Visbaras
The Church Council is composed of committee chairpersons (Finance, Staff-Parish Relations, and Trustees), lay leaders, the lay member of annual conference, the church treasurer, the president of the United Methodist Women, the Director of Christian Education, the Coordinator of Lay Ministry and the Pastor.  This group is responsible for making decisions about church policies and programs and communicating and discussing these decisions with the congregation.


The Finance Committee

Chaired by: David MacMahon
The Finance Committee is currently responsible for coordinating our annual financial pledge campaign and broadening the church’s vision of stewardship, recommending our annual budget to the congregation and Church Council, and with the assistance of our treasurer, keeping track of the church’s financial situation.


The Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Chaired by: John Derouche
The Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) works with the church’s paid staff and the District Superintendent to ensure effective leadership for the congregation, including recruiting and hiring when necessary.


The Trustees

Chaired by: Joel Ellis
The Trustees are responsible for both real estate and invested property and attend to the upkeep of both the church building and the parsonage.
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