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What do we provide for children and families?
Sunday mornings are family time here. Children spend the first fifteen minutes with their parents in worship, take part in the Children's Moment, then move to Sunday School. Ages two and under go to the nursery with trained staff. Three Sundays a year, on the fifth Sunday of the month, children spend time with the pastor for a special activity.
Children are eligible to serve as acolytes as young as third grade.
Summer camp scholarships for Mechuwana are available to Sunday school students.
We invite all ages to join in the annual Christmas pageant, and last year, a spring play. Other family activities include a pot luck luncheon on the 4th Sunday of every month, a fall festival—last fall it was Trunk or Treat—and a spring Safety Fair. There are lots of opportunities for family giving through Thanksgiving Food Baskets, the Christmas Giving Tree, and the Lenten Mission Project.
What do we teach in Sunday School?
To children
For pre-school to second grade, we offer Godly Play, a Montessori-based program where our story-teller, with the help of her assistant, brings Bible stories alive through oceans of blue felt, simple wooden figures, and a desert box of sand. You can see a video of Godly Play here.
Third to sixth graders experience a more in-depth version of Godly Play.
Sundays for Youth (grades 7-12): Worship, Film School, and Mission
First Sunday: Youth attend church, take part in communion, and are invited to serve as ushers, readers, and for confirmed members, as communion stewards.
Second, Third, and Fourth Sundays: Under the direction of Nancy Kenneally and Kathy Lawrence, youth gather for Film school. Spiritual formation happens as they view popular films in light of scripture. Film, scripture reading, and guided discussion happens each session. For more information see and click on Film School.
Quarterly, on the fourth Sunday, youth group is led by Megan Skilling and Kathy Lawrence for service projects within and outside the church.
We are always open to new students. Won't you join us?
Vacation Bible School
VBS recharges kids from age three to high school every summer with fun, music, and games, and more mission work for youth.
What about Adult Studies?
The Wesleyan Way
Pastor Steve will offer this four-session class on the following Sundays:  Jan. 22, 29, Feb. 19, 26 from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  If inclement weather dictates cancellation of a session, the class will extend into March as needed.  The class is designed for new members, those inquiring about membership, or any who wish to renew their understanding of Wesleyan faith and practice.
Discovering God in a New Way
Kay Little will lead a winter prayer group based on the book by Virginia Ann Froehle.  “God is neither male nor female—any more than God is fire, rock, shepherd, shield, wind, king, light, or any other image we project,” she says. But it's difficult to pray to spirit. Most of us need a personal God we can relate to.  And whether we are aware of it or not, who we pray to affects how we relate to God emotionally, and how we see ourselves and our place in the world.
Would you like to deepen your relationship with God?  Maybe enriching your image of God will enhance your prayer life. If you want to explore further, join me for eight Sundays, using Called Into Her Presence: Praying with Feminine Images of God by Virginia Ann Froehle.
Weather permitting, the course begins Sunday, January 15thth and ends on Sunday, March 5th.  We meet evenings: 4:00 to 5:15.  There is no charge.  To register, contact the church office at 782-3972.
Earthcare Stewardship Study
Reverend Stephen Bascom will lead a seven-week study called A Hopeful Earth: Faith, Science and the Message of Jesus by Sally Dyck, a United Methodist bishop and Sarah Ehrman, a science educator. Meets Wednesday mornings at 11:00, beginning April 26t,h and running through June 7th. "Through faith/science dialogue, learners will find that these sometimes differing worldviews are both crucial to making lasting changes."