Virtual Services Update

Join us for Virtual Church

Sunday Service

Each Sunday at 10 am (until we can physically meet again), there will be a live-stream facebook worship service. It will be posted on both the church facebook page and here on the website ( for two weeks. With each of these Friday ‘Weekly Greetings,’ I will attach a copy of the previous week’s message for any who may not have gained access or wish to share it with another. The church campus and office are currently closed until April 27th.

Virtual Church School

Mary MacMahon presented a Zoom session of Godly Play last Wednesday and will be repeating it on Sunday at 11 am (following worship). If you wish to be sent an invitation for participating, please send the request to:, and I will forward it to her.

Meetings and other Virtual Gatherings

The Zoom program will also be used for virtual meetings (such as our Church council meeting at 7 pm, Thursday, April 2nd). If you haven’t yet done so, please download the zoom program to your online device (mobile device or computer) so that you may participate.

Virtual meetings for youth group and Wesleyan Singers are also being considered.