Thank You to our Church School Parents

I am so grateful to all of you for the effort you put into getting your families to church on a regular basis. As a parent of three grown children, I know, with little ones, it’s not easy on a Sunday morning. Your families add so much energy and life to our congregation.
Our new system of having more time in Sunday School with the kids is working so well. We are building a community. My students are relaxed and talkative during our Feast time.
A special thank you, to Jean, Adamen, ( a loyal grandmother) who periodically brings us beautiful fruit bowls and granola bars for our Feast time. They are engaged with the stories and contribute to the conversations afterward. You might want to ask them about a new ritual we do together on communion Sunday, a ritual of forgiveness. They are serious and quiet during this time. They help set up the room, at times, and are taking part in clean-up. Vacuuming is a favorite activity.
Saphryn, my high school-senior assistant, is an asset. She adds a whole element of fun and support to the group. With her help, I was even able to do a little work on how to use the Bible with a few kids who were curious.
I may be snagging one of you individually on a Sunday morning to observe a class with us.
Mary MacMahon is there every Sunday for the pre-K to 2nd graders. With Betty Young, she gives the little ones Godly Play in a spruced up classroom. Come take a look!
Next Sunday, Pastor Steve will take time off from leading the worship service and spend the whole time with the children. We have never had a pastor in my 30-some years in this church who has done this. Ask them about the story of Elijah next Sunday.
I am always open to questions and comments on Sunday school.
Kay Little
Chair, Christian Education | Faith Formation