Weekly Greeting: September 23, 2022

Good evening parish,

Welcome to autumn! This Sunday, we will focus on Luke 16:19-31, the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man, reflecting on the ways we can raise awareness of those in need around us. Ryan Slocum will be with us again as organist, and the Wesleyan Singers will sing once more under the direction of Beth Labrie. Beth has assumed responsibility for directing the Edward Little High musical this fall, and has therefore resigned as choir director as of October 1st. On Sunday, we will have opportunity to thank her for her choral leadership of the Wesleyan Singers.

We congratulate Logan Martin as he receives his Eagle Scout Court of Honor on Sunday afternoon. On Tuesday morning, 11 am at Calvary UMC, 59 Sabattus Street, Lewiston, we will gather for a Celebration of Life service for Veronica Sudol who passed away late August. Those who wish to help with the Christmas Fair in November are invited to a Planning Meeting on Wednesday, 6 pm, UMCA.

On Thursday, we celebrate the return of Faith Journey, a spiritual study and prayer gathering for all women of the parish. We will meet at 10 am in the choir room for our study and to plan for future meetings. There will not be an Upper Room zoom meeting this week, because I will be leading a service at Schooner Estates. On Friday night, I invite you to the UMCA sanctuary for Roots & Wings, a parish conversation helping us to ‘dream like Jesus!’

On Saturday, October 1st, parish men will gather for our monthly fellowship breakfast at UMCA, 7:30 am. I want to express gratitude to the Empire Grove community for the beautiful hospitality given to those who gathered to celebrate Rev. Mervin Chadbourne’s life this past week. Thank you for honoring him with love and grace. In addition to the Worship Guide and Mission Opportunities Update, I have attached a Worship Opportunity, inviting your response. If you attend worship online, please send your response to the church office at 439 Park Avenue, Auburn, ME  04210. Thank you!

Whatever else you do this fall, make sure you jump into a pile of leaves at least once,

Pastor Steve Bascom, UMCA and Coordinating Pastor for Calvary UMC, Lewiston